By: Reba McEntire

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Reba Here!

Hey Ya'll…Reba here! Just checking in from the Academy of Country Music Awards rehearsals. I'm hosting and performing this Sunday. We just did a run through with Bruce Springsteen, boy is he a cowboy – all he needs is the hat!
I ate a bunch of Skittles in my dressing room waiting for Maroon 5 to come in for their camera check. I feel kinda sick, but kinda sugar high. There's so much excitement here it's like a Lifetime movie.
I did a photo shoot yesterday morning. I spent seven hours posing in a dress that weighed about 65 lbs. It had a lot of bead work. I got a call in the limo on the way home that there was no film in the cameras. We turned it right around, suited me back up, and shot for another seven, because I always say, 'Don't bitch about it, just do your job.'
My curlers have set – gotta get under the hair dryer!

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