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Shack Talk episode 2 info…

It’s working!! Celebrities are actually allowing Liz Feldman to interview them on “Shack Talk” without needing to be kidnapped first! This is working so much better than we planned. We’ll have to find something creative to do with all this rope.

If you enjoyed episode 1 with guest Ray Liotta, come back next week for an interview with Anna Farris. Liz and Anna will discuss having boobs, kissing babes, and being blonde. Also, Liz will show you a handy way to avoid expensive medical bills by doing your own surgery**.

See you in the Shack!

**Legal note: Liz Feldman is not a doctor and is in no way qualified to give medical advice. Those foolish enough to follow her advice should seek professional guidance in every area of their life, except for legal assistance in suing “Shack Talk.” Also, suing “Shack Talk” would only get you 18 cents at the most.

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