By: Donald Faison

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Alien Weed

Donald Faison and his band, “Rich Digga”, steal some martian grass.

Starring: Donald Faison, Deon Richmond, Olamide Faison, Ed Fordham
Dealer played by: Colton Dunn
Aliens played by: Lil Jon, Elton Laren Holt, Deonte Gordon, Jo D. Jones
Bikini Aliens played by: Clare Grant and Kristen Ortiz
Also Starring: Kevin Jordan, Donte Chang, Shadii, Dade
Track Produced by: Dade Faison and Olamide Faison
Track Mixed by Sean “Sully ‘ Sullivan
Produced by: Mike Farah and Donald Faison
Directed by: Jonnie Ross
Shot by: Christian Sprenger, Dustin Bowser, Neil Mahoney, Jonnie Ross
Edited by: Neil Mahoney, Dustin Bowser
Sound by: Bo Sundberg
Make-up by: Shauna OToole and Diane Herlofsky
Special FX by: Dustin Bowser
Production Design by: Alexi Gomez
Additional Editing and Special Effects by: Brian May and Chris Smallfield
Special Thanks to Colton Dunn, Glenn Rigberg and Natalie Lent, Graig Weich and Beyond Comics

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