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7 Worst Belly Button Tattoos

Bart Butt

The Bad: This gentlemen has turned his belly button into a NSFW Bart Simpson balloon knot. The only time he can go shirtless is situations where cartoon characters can go pantsless. Definitely a bad choice.
The Good: The artwork appears to be a nod to the original style of the Simpsons from the Tracy Ulman Show era.

The Abyss

THE BAD: Take a horrifying chasm of a belly button, a bottomless pit of gross, add dark ink to make it appear like the relaxed diseased rectum of a dying cow. Don't stop there. Add flies and stink lines so the viewer imagines wet patties of fecal matter recently sliding from your midriff.
THE GOOD: Nothing good will come of this.

Question Mark Monkey

THE BAD: I can't tell what's going on. Does the monkey think the sight of its own butthole is hilarious? Is he about to self-fellate? Is he about to shit on his smile? His damn tail even looks like a question mark! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?
THE GOOD: It makes you smile, you can't help it.

Cat Stain

THE BAD: The orange hair! The cat is in black and white, so this gentlemen has transformed his love trail into the matted dung hair of a lazy feline. It is so profoundly uncomfortable to look at. Hopefully he meets a blind girl that loves giving blowjobs.
THE GOOD: The eternal respect of your douchebag friends, and not a terrible rendering of a cat.

Flower Belly

THE BAD: I'm such a special flower that I need a flower on my belly. Also, I can't define why, but the little flesh colored part in the exact center of the tattoo is very unsettling.
The Good: Whoever got this may get repeated bee stings to the abdomen.

Buddha Belly

THE BAD : What better way to symbolize your Buddhist beliefs than a novelty tattoo incorporation features of your anatomy? Why not get a Jesus on your chest so your nipple rings look like the nails holding him to the cross?
THE GOOD: Recursion! It would be even better if the Buddha had a belly button tattoo of his own.

Up Up Down Down

THE BAD: I'm not sure that cheat code ever appeared on the game boy, and god awful rainbow hued ugliness. I love retro video games, but I'm not going to turn my dong into 2600 joystick.
THE GOOD: Nice undies.

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