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Fake Giraffe is a Peeping Tom

This is what a woman in Onset, Massachusetts woke up to this morning. A creepy and very tall giraffe trying to get a look at the goods by looking into her window.
Anne Marie Fuoco said she opened her blinds and saw the 20 foot giraffe that was about as tall as her house. ‘ Fuoco said word of a huge giraffe travels pretty fast and many neighbors stopped by to take pictures with it.
Personally, I'd like to know how Anne Marie knows so much about the speed and passing of giraffe information – she would be my prime suspect if I was working with the police.
A Cape Cod veterinary clinic claimed the giraffe as theirs and had a tow truck bring it back to them after removing it from Fuoco's yard.
Police said they are aware of the giraffe, but it is not a police matter and they are not investigating. ‘
Lastly, I just want to know – if giraffe theft isn't a crime that police investigate, what exactly are they doing?

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