By: UCB Sketch Cram LA

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A Haunting

Come see the next Sketch Cram on Saturday, June 13th @ midnight at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles! For details and reservations go here: This video was written, shot, and edited in less then 12 hours for UCB Theatre L.A.'s Sketch Cram. Sketch Cram brings together the best writers and performers from the UCB Theatre to write, rehearse and perform an original sketch show in one day. Sketch Cram is the 2nd Saturday of every month at the UCB Theatre in L.A.

Directed by Justin Donaldson, Written by Katie Dippold, Starring Scott Rodgers, Allen Loeb, Annie Mebane, Ann Maddox, Harrison Brown, Josh Weiner, Jessica Rona, Produced by Allan Mcleod, Kevin Pedersen, and Ryan Perez

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