By: Dan Abramson

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Burger King Chips

I was recently at a gas station – not for gas, but for the ambience and Chex Mix – and I came upon a bag of potato chips with the Burger King logo on it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. A million thoughts entered my mind. How was this possible? Are all the fast food joints selling chips? Does Panda Express have an orange chicken chip? (They do not – I checked.)
Well, not only does Burger King sell chips, but they sell chips that taste like hamburgers. They also sell a side for said burgers: chips that that taste like ketchup and fries.
Needless to say, I bought both. Not necessarily because I wanted them, but because of the “new item in the vending machine” factor. It goes without saying that if you see a new item enter the lineup of familiar snacks, the item must be bought. No exceptions. The only time this has backfired was when my usual vending machine started carrying things other than snacks; I was in the mood for Doritos, but by principle I had to buy tomato soup.
Anyway, back to Burger King's endeavor into chips. First let me acknowledge how ridiculous this is. They're a fast food chain. I'm not exactly walking past a BK thinking, “If only I could get this on the go.” So I can only assume that they're marketing toward idiots like myself who think dinner is taken care of when I see such items. Mission accomplished.
I brought them home and created a platter for myself. I had about 30 hamburgers (I'm counting each chip as a hamburger) and 3 fries that night. The burgers were a little overcooked but otherwise good. The ketchup and fries, however, were terrible. Where Burger King went wrong is that they defeated the purpose of ketchup and fries. When you combine them into one stick of gum-shaped chip, they just taste like those fries that accidentally got caught in the undertow of the ketchup blob on your plate. Not good.
All that said, Burger King did a bang up job replicating the flavors promised on the bag. Much better than a lot of snacks that try to replicate actual food. Those pretzels that taste like buffalo wings? I'd prefer them to just taste like pretzels. Those buffalo wings that taste like pretzels? Well, that's just impressive. The only other snack that really pulls it off are Funyons. And clearly, they need to do some sort of cross promotion with Burger King. ‘

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