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How To Make A Web Show For $0 !!

1. “Borrow” a video camera (with tape) from someone you don’t need to maintain a good relationship with.

2. Locate a vacant shack whose owner tends to spend very little time in town prosecuting trespassers.

3. Tape an episode of your show, making sure that no one in your crew or audience was followed by law enforcement officers or coyotes.

4. Go to (or simply wake up in) your local junkyard, and obtain a crow-bar from the trunk of a junked car.

5. Under cover of night, pry open the door of a home or business which you believe to have an internet connection. (Make sure to observe all applicable laws in your area!)

6. Quietly upload your web show to a free video hosting website.

7. When upload is complete, leave quickly, resisting week after week the unbearable temptation to stop and write a blog post, because you don’t know when someone might… oh God, I think I hear somethi

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