By: Shack Talk

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We’ve Been Reposessed By The Bank

Hey Shacksters, some sad news today. We’ve been repossessed by the bank. We put ourselves up as collateral for a $40 loan last week because there was a sale on canned chili and we had a brilliant plan to sell chili outside a bar at 2am. We’re not great planners, so we spent all the money on chili and none on bowls or spoons, so long story short there were some unhappy customers with burned, messy hands and we somehow made -$92.

We’re now legally obligated to call the show “ShackBank of AmeriTalk” or else we’ll be fined.

Please keep your financial support and comments coming while we work to get our show back so we can call it Shack Talk once again. That last sentence might have just cost us $250.

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