By: Matt Zaller

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Matt Damon with Weirdo SuperFan Matt Zaller

Matt Damon and Matt Zaller sat down for an interview. Zaller pretends to be Matt Damon's biggest fan, and proceeds to show him photoshopped pictures of Damon and his family and sing for him. The song that Zaller sings is pretty much the worse song ever. Zaller then gets kicked out of the interview. About the Informant: Mark Whitacre has worked for lysine developing company ADM for many years and has even found his way into upper management. But nothing has prepared him for the job he is about to undertake – being a spy for the FBI. Unwillingly pressured into working as an informant against the illegal price-fixing activities of his company, Whitacre gradually adopts the idea that he's a true secret agent. But as his incessant lies keep piling up, his world begins crashing down around him.

Matt Damon, Matt Zaller

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