By: Erin Gibson

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Hooray for Diners!

Diners are an American institution, just like baseball, champagne and cars. I myself will never turn my nose up when a diner is presented as an option for food. You know why? 'Cause diners are full of nostalgia & classic American eating arrangements. They also are famous for delicious pancakes and waffles. You know, my family always went to diners. I mean, we could afford to go to much nicer places but my father had such little respect for my mother that he, knowing he was in the power superior position, due to his earning potential, would make us eat there. We could have been eating steak for breakfast but instead he chose to punish my sister and I along with my mother for her habitual affairs. I can't blame her though, he was distant and she was needy, so to expect her to stay faithful to him was a tall order. Looking past my father's alien good looks, he was a lot to handle with is power issues and his dabbling in S&M (which we only found out about later, when we came home from a three day cheer leading competition in Baton Rouge to find him locked in the hall closet wearing sissy pants and a ball gag). The point being, I think the best diner has to be Waffle House. Best cheese grits that have ever graced my mouth.

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