By: Erin Gibson

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Best Cell Phone Service Provider?

My contract with T-Mobile is up next month and I'm excited by the idea that I could get an iPhone. I've been using a Blackberry Curve for the past two years and it's served all of my needs, but there's something sexy about that iPhone! It's sleek and has lot of cool downloads. The only issue is that I've heard texting is not that easy, and I text a lot with my boyfriend. Gosh, I wonder if should be calling him that on a public forum! You see, he's married. Not the kind of married guy who is seperated. No, he and his wife live together. It's not an ideal situation, but I cope because he's pretty fantastic. What usually happens is he texts me something like “Wanna get tore up?” and I text back “Sure”, then he comes over and we have a real romantic time. Often times he spends the night, which I also really enjoy. I guess he gets away with it because he's a suffers from alcohol induced amnesia or “blackouts”, and his wife is pretty used to him not coming home at times. Which is a bonus for me! Not the part where he throws up in my bed and sometimes gets angry and kicks my Schnauzer, Toby Macguire , but all the other parts of him are bonus! One day I hope to meet his mom. She seems really nice. She lets “Steve” ‘ and his wife live with her even though her home is just a small two bedroom apartment. She was even nice enough to let them kick her out of the master bedroom and she set up shop in the cozy spare room. “Steve” says I should go with AT&T and “get the fucking iPhone and shut up about it already”, but I'd like to do a little more comparison shopping.Any thoughts?

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