By: Erin Gibson

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New haircut!

I just got a new hair cut! Yes, I spent a little more than I wanted, but $100 is exactly what I would pay for for this perfect coif. I mean, I look like a million dollars so I kind of feel like i got away with highway robbery! Which is ironic because I got my hair done today because I am making a special visit to my sister at the Polk County Women's Prison. God Bless her, poor things been locked up in there for a crime which I believe her to be innocent of. She's in for murder, and I know she is innocent because while she was supposesdly chocking an 8 year old girl to death, she and I were engaging in a violent round of fist-a-cuffs over who drank the last of the orange Gatorade. Cut to her murder trial where an eye witness id's her, and my facts, as they are coming from the mouth of her sister, look like a last ditch effort to save her from jail. So it's not really my fault, but I visit her every week anyways. Depsite the fact that we never really got along in the first place and she's never happy to see me. Next time, I think I'll get hilights.

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