By: MiddleKid

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The Real Story of the Headless Horseman

This is what really happened in Sleepy Hollow…

Written and Directed by MiddleKid.
Mickey Rourke as the Headless Horseman
Starring Josh Simpson, Haley Mancini, Jason Sheridan, Marisa Pinson, Josh Weiner, Matt Manser, Will Maier, Robyn Buck, Evan Jennings, Marissa Strickland, Clay Larsen and Bennie Arthur.
Director of Photography Ricky Fosheim.
Lighting by David Cronin and Thomas Pena.
Sound by Joe Berk.
Wardrobes by Leslie Schilling.
Makeup by Shauna O'Toole.
Assistant Director Grayhmn Jennings.
Originally conceived for UCBLA Sketch Cram.
Special Thanks to Justin, Josh, Jay, and Harrison.

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