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Flacidux – The Opposite of Enzyte

Are you a young man, ages 13-24, who finds it hard staying “cool” around the ladies? Flacidux can help.

Chip Bolcik – Writer, Director, Producer
Richie Gregory – Jimmy
Party Goers: Stephanie Benner, Ashley Wright, Malorie Mackey, Damian King, Sarah Pruden, Mary Caitlin Barrett, Austin Johnson, Brian Simmons, Ashphord Jacoway, Emily Dalton
Additional Party Goers: Kate Poisson, Sarah Wilson, Kim Campbell, Jim Aschenbach, Alan Vollmer, Corinne Brown, Byron Mitchell, Jackie Reynolds and many others!
Lighting: John Anderson
Props: Stephanie Benner
Location Manager: Richie Gregory
Behind the scenes footage: Emily Dalton, Damian King

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