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The Actor Enforcer with Ethan Suplee

Having trouble with a difficult actor on set? Frank Fardel can help.

Starring Ethan Suplee
Special Guest Michael Rapaport
Featuring James Adomian, Hal Rudnickn, Nic Wegener, Heather Anne Campbell, Eric Moneypenny, James Pumphrey & Curtis Rainsberry
With Joe Wagner, Michael Busch, Lee Stobby, Kathryn Burns, Danforth France
Written by Curtis Rainsberry, MIchael Busch & James Pumphrey
Based on an idea by Joe Wagner & Ethan Suplee
Shot by Justin Martinez
Edited by Dave Ciaccio
PA – Lee Stobby
Produced by Michael Busch, Megan Reeves & Joe Wagner
Premiered at The Midnight Show 12.05.09
Special Thanks to Funny or Die

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