By: Amy Vorpahl

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St Nick and Kate Plus 8 – Trailer

St. Nick Claus and his wife Kate Claus struggle to raise 8 reindeer children in this touching reality series. Coming Dec 21st, 2009. A Dipdive Production

A Dipdive Production
Created by Amy Vorpahl
Written by Amy Vorpahl and Matt Manser
Directed by Dave Ciaccio
Produced by Amy Vorpahl
Exec Produced by Andie Bolt and
Edited by Dave Ciaccio
Motion Graphics by Jason Axinn
Graphics Drawn by Matt “Stretch ‘ Buchholtz
Starring: Brian Finkelstein, Amy Vorpahl, Brian Huskey, Drew Coolidge, Richard Feliciano, Danny Jordan, Graham Beckett, Curtis Rainsberry, Kevin Brown, Bennie Arthur, Ben Siemon, Erin Whitehead, Josh Weiner, Josh Covitt, Matt Manser and Taboo
Crew: Daniel Weinell, Matt Manser, Dan Banas
On Set Photography: Tim Moore
Special Thanks: Tomas Whitmore, Vertel Scott, Diana Wright, Kevin Pederson, Paul Malewitz

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