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R.I.P Dom DeLuise

Today's blog isn't so much about being funny as it is about a very funny man. ‘ Dom DeLuise was born in 1933 and passed away peacefully in an LA hospital today at the age of 75. ‘ I was lucky enough to get to work with Dom for a few years at one of my first jobs in LA and I still have his happy headshot to go with it. ‘ I'm sure there will be many cliches floating around today about him but this one I know to be true – he was a beast of a man by nature of his size but was one of those people who walked quietly and carried a big stick wherever he went.
He leaves behind him a lifelong career of funny, whether he was Pizza the Hut or Captain Chaos, he delivered each and every time. ‘ To celebrate his life today I've found some of the best outtakes and bloopers from Dom in hopes that you can celebrate his life in passing today. ‘
Cannonbal Run 1&2 Outtakes

Cannonball Run Music Video

Blazing Saddles – The French Mistake

Robin Hood: Men in Tights – Don Giovanni

Spaceballs – Pizza the Hut


Rest in Peace Dom DeLuise (1933 – 2009) – You will be missed.

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