By: Pee-wee Herman

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Pee-wee Gets An iPad!

Pee-wee shows his new Apple iPad to the Playhouse Gang!

Written by Eric Appel, John Koch, Paul Reubens, Josh Meyers & Natalie Lent
Directed by: Eric Appel
Produced by: Chris Bruss and Mike Farah
DP: Christian Sprenger
Camera: Dustin Bowser
Sound: Bo Sundberg
Props: Katie Byron
Prod Coordinator: Sean Boyle
Lori Alan – voice of Chairry and Magic Screen
Josh Meyers – voice of Clocky and Conky
Lance Roberts – voice of Globey
Artie Esposito – Chairry
Haley Jenkins – Magic Screen
Patrick Johnson – Globey
Sean Johnson – Clocky
Victoria Johnson – Magic Screen
Russ Walko – Conky
Special thanks: Kelly Bush, John Koch, Natalie Lent, Kristina Sorensen, Joe Witt

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