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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is a private investigator and Jude Law is a doctor. He gets put on all these kids with Scotland Yard in London. It's very dark – it's a little on the science fiction and vampire side. There's a lot of replays in it. Sherlock is in fights and then afterwards he tells you what he thought – he thinks of the punches: left jab, right jab. It's like listening to his discussion in his brain and you see it again. It's by Ridley Scott. All of his movies are like that. There's a LOT of action and they definitely left it open for a sequel, big time.
The performances were good. Robert Downey Jr does a really good job. He's got a great body, his muscles are all over the place and he shows them off through the whole movie.
Jude was good.
Rachel – what's her name? I recognize her from the Notebook.
The worst thing about it was that they had stupid English accents. I couldn't understand anything.
There's a guy that's the criminal – he looks like Bella Lagosse – they kill him, but he comes back and commits murders. The whole plot is how this man who was hung comes back and kills more people. Jude is trying to get away from living with Sherlock Holmes. He falls in love with Mary and she doesn't want to be around Sherlock b/c Robert Downey Jr is a pig. His apartment is a real pig sty (like when I would say that to you when you were young)
I liked it, I would go see the next one. There has to be a next one.
Your dad fell asleep. Every time we go to the movies it's like paying $10 for dad to take a nap.

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