By: Holt and Steele

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No Strings Attached

Should puppets be allowed to serve in the military? We report. You decide.

Written & Directed by: Holt Bailey and Brian Steele
Produced by: Holt Bailey, Brian Steele and Josh Cohen
Director of Photography: Zach Zdziebko
Editor: Will Becton, Bob Williamson, Josh Reynolds
Graphics: Byron Raphael, Tamra Malaga, Eric Scofield
Puppets designed and created by: Josh Cohen
Puppeteers: Josh Cohen, John Jennings
A.D.: Brandon Tesar
Man on the Street: Blythe Robe, Roey Hershkovitz, Tamra Malaga, Brandon “The Tease ‘ Tesar
Bigot: Will Greenberg
Pvt. O ‘Malley: Bill Savage
Pvt. Robertson: Joe Fria
Doctor: Holt Bailey
Karen Overmeyer: Erin Gibson
Glenn Wreck: Brian Sacca
Snazzy ‘s Wife: Kimmy Gatewood
Protestors: Emily Wing, Robert Carroll, James Hadgis, Shannon O ‘Dowd, Jessica Williamson, Shawn DePasquale, Ingrid Haas, Rebecca Robinson, Rosie Tisch, Tom Larkin
Special Thanks: Kurt and Pat Steele, Morgan Locke, Staci Roberts, Chris Dallman, Melissa Moore, Tony Colon, Michael Ziegfeld, Daniel Keleher, Neville Robateau, James Hadgis, Jaime Reichner, and Jill Mittan, Ken Blaustein and everyone at The Post Group

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