By: Hank Azaria

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Gamechangers Ep 3: A Legend In The Booth with Hank Azaria

The Jim Brockmire story tells the true story of a truly old-school sportscaster who was well before his time. He set the standard for how to call a baseball game and he loved his wife more than anything else until one fateful day when his sportscasting career changed forever.

Starring Hank Azaria
Featuring Dan Patrick, Joe Buck & Rich Eisen
Also Featured: Lawrence Pressman and Andrew Hill Newman
Written by Christopher Kula, Hank Azaria, David Pressman, Mike Bunin, Andrew Hill Newman, Matt Levin, Joel Bishoff, John Ales
Produced by Mike Farah, Chris Bruss & Corey Sklov
Director of Photography: Brad Schulz, John Ales & Kevin Stewart
Edited by: Brad Schulz
Visual Effects: Trevor Gilchrist
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Diane Herlofsky
Production Design: Alexi Gomez, Rachel Ferrara & Katie Byron
Gaffer: Ricky Fosheim
G&E: David Cronin
Production Assistant: Andrew Grissum
Special Thanks: Harlan Hendrickson, Cat Belanger, The Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger Stadium

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