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Drunk History vol. 6 w/ John C. Reilly & Crispin Glover

Watch the amazing story of Nikola Tesla (John C. Reilly); the father of Western Technology, who sailed to America to meet Thomas Edison (Crispin Glover) and work for him. Late one night Duncan Trussell had a six pack of beer and a bottle of absinthe and sat down to tell us about this historical event. Derek Waters presents: Drunk History vol. 6

Starring John C. Reilly & Crispin Glover
Featuring Craig Anstett, Duncan Trussell & Jeremy Konner
Directed by Jeremy Konner
Created by Derek Waters
Written by Derek Waters & Tom Gianas
Edited by Neil Mahoney
Original Music by Eban Schletter
Cinematography by Hiro Murai
Production Design by Ryan Berg
Art Direction by Sara Kugelmass & David Michael Max
Eric Binns: First Assistant Director
Charity Ozarowski: Associate Director
Tim D. Lloyd: Boom Operator
Zsolt Magyar: Sound Mixer
Hair/Make up: Tara Loren
Visual Effects by Dustin Bowser
Clay Jeter: Camera Operator
Wardrobe: Kim Carleton & Paula Elins
Assitant Editor: James Atkinson

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