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Dinner Party based on the Novel “Prem” by Sapphire

Creamy Beef-Stalk Paste with PREM 2 Pear 1 Can Pulpo (Octopus) Chopped 1 Can Bacon Grill Luncheon Loaf 1 Can Liver Pate 1 Can PREM doused in Olive Oil 3 Cups All Natural Clam Juice 2 Cups Oregano 1 Dash of Salt 1 Egg 2 Vienna Sausages Cook on High in Non-stick Frying Pan for 20 minutes, and let sit. Then, crack an egg, and cook for 5 minutes, serve sizzling. Add 2 Vienna Sausages to each serving. Best served with Clam Juice Martinis and Green Olives. For more delicious meat recipes, check out Krembaltz, in Tampa Bay Florida. “All the most American meats in one place!”

Wes Greene
Dom Nero

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