By: Zachary Quinto

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Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, and Cornwallis spark up some fireworks in this PERIODS. joint.

Damian Lanigan
Philip Quinaz
Pablo Schreiber
Brian Shoaf
Director: Victor Quinaz
Created by: Anna Martemucci and Victor Quinaz
Production: Before The Door, Robinson Films, Inc., and Nomadic Films
Producers: Scott Robinson, Giovanni P. Autran, and Victor Quinaz
Photographed by: Giovanni P. Autran
Camera: Geoffrey Feinberg
Edited by: Charles Porter
Wardrobe: Dasha Martikainen
Assistant Wardrobe: Beth Goldenberg
Art Director/Hair and Make Up: Leah Quinaz
Sound: Evan Leed
Sound Designer: Carlos Cidre
Historian: Barbara Quinaz
Executive Producers: Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, and Corey Moosa
Special Thanks to Lauren Weisstein, Anthony Mancilla, Kelly McCormick, Katie O ‘Connell, and Kenzo Digital
A Very Special Thanks to TDF Costume Collection

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