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Aliens Vs. Predator

Zerofriends' writer-director Stephen Reedy and Zerofriends' artist Alex Pardee decide to discard their medication and throw up their dukes against racial inequality, and they battle the issue in the only way they know how: Fighting fire with fire, you ask? Nope, fire is too hot and burns them, and they are fragile little creatures of mysticism. They instead, FIGHT ABSURDITY WITH ABSURDITY. Absurdly. Wrangling the rest of the Zerofriends Creative Collective to collaborate on this cause, they have used the two most powerful methods of communication…ENTERTAINMENT and FASHION…to support racial equality via the MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund). The MALDEF, known for supporting civil liberties, is currently battling Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 (which legalizes blunt racial profiling and is as ridiculous as this video). Enjoy, and don't forget to visit to support this cause. All profits from the sales of the ALIENS VS. PREDATOR shirt featured in this video will be donated to MALDEF to help continue to battle Arizona's Senate Bill 1070. STOP PROFILING, YO!

Director: Stephen Reedy
Writer: Gian Molina, Stephen Reedy, Alex Pardee, Rich Arenas
Director of Photography: Chris Saul
Alien: Gian Molina
Moustache Alien: Jeff Francisco
Predator: Mike Schiffbauer
Voice Over: Rich Arenas
Black shirt man: Chris Saul
Vomiting man / Vomit shot by: Paul Bustamante
Producer: Stephen Reedy, Alex Pardee, Megan Powers,Gian Molina
Composer / Sound mixing: Rich Arenas
Editor: Stephen Reedy
Visual Fx Supervisor: Teague Chrystie
Makeup: Melissa Pizzamiglio
Art department / Boom operator / Set Photograher: Michelle Renae
Special Thanks: Tom Pinto

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