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Puppet High

After a viral pandemic struck the world a few years ago, scientists had to scramble to stop the spread of the virus but they could do nothing for those who had already been infected. Now those who were exposed face their biggest challenge yet…. High School.

Directed & Written by Mikey Day, Andrew Friedman & Mike Naughton
Featuring: Mikey Day, Andrew Friedman, Mike Naughton, Eliot Schwartz, Sofia Gonzalez, Andrew Williams and Dawn Morrow
Cinematography: Kevin Stewart
Editing: Jeff Consiglio
Grips: Jordan Downey, Matt Mazany & Jordan Lee
Puppet Captain: Ted Michaels
Puppeteers: Candace Brown & Peggy Etra
Extras: Meghan Falcone, Jason Sheridan, Jake Regal, Lucas Yancey and Ashley Adler
Producer: Josh Simpson
Executive Producer: Mike Farah

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