By: Cedric Yarbrough

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Just a Bill with Cedric Yarbrough & Gary Anthony Williams

The Schoolhouse Rock bill is back to help convince congress to pass some real bills with an extra incentive to make sure BP never spills oil in the ocean again.

Directed by: Gary Anthony Williams and Cedric Yarbrough
Starring: Cedric Yarbrough & Gary Anthony Williams
Featuring: Nick Jameson, Benton Jennings, Chase Breecker, Will McLaughlin, Melique Berger, Anastacia McPherson and Leslie Gilliam.
Lyrics: Gary Anthony Williams & Cedric Yarbough
Music: Nick Jameson
DP: Laura Merians
2nd Camera: Brian Lane
Gaffer: Dave Cronin
Costume Designer: Leslie Schilling
Production Designer: Vicky Chan
Editor: Scott Fuselier
Produced by: Mike Farah & Sean Boyle
Special Thanks for Samy ‘s Camera

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