By: Joey McIntyre

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MA Men 2

The Massholes over at Sterling Cooper are back again to pitch a new product and a new campaign all while drinking liqour, smoking cigarettes and being a sexy as Don Draper.

Starring: Joey McIntyre, Nate Cordry, Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chafin, Rob Delaney, Nat Faxon & Michaela Watkins
Written by Jamie Denbo
Directed by Drew Antzis
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Assistant Camera: Scott Johnson
Gaffer: Ryan Ovadia
Key Grip: Andrew Crighton
Best Boy Electric: Brian Lane
Production Designer: Jessica Valentine
Edited by Drew Antzis
Sound- BoTown Sound
Produced by Lauren Palmigiano & Sean Boyle
Executive Producer: Mike Farah

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