By: Dan Abramson

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The 9 Stupidest Things Americans Believe

Obama's A Muslim

According to the Pew Research Center, 18% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. Most likely, the same people also hate Muslims. Put it together, and there's a chance that one in five Americans hate our President because of his supposed religion.

Moon Landing Was A Hoax

A huge number of Americans believe that the moon landing was staged. Aside from the sheer stupidity of that, it raises a bigger question: If it was faked, how would Buzz Aldrin be bedding lady space groupie after space groupie if he hadn't actually been on the moon? He would not. Thus, real.

Sun Revolves Around The Earth

I know Americans have a tendency to be a bit self-involved, but this is a bit much. According to a Gallup poll in 1999, 18% believed that the earth was the center of the universe. On a side note, 3% said “no opinion.” Those folks could not be bothered with such pedestrian quandaries.
Oh, and for those 18% who believe this, that picture is Galileo. That guy knew his shit.

Ghosts Are The Real Deal

One in three Americans believe in Ghosts. All Americans believe in Ghost. Both have no business existing.

Dinosaurs and Humans, BFFs

As of a couple years ago, nearly one-third of Texans believed that dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth at the same time. Yup. Oh, and at least one Alaskan, as well.

Evolution? That's A Bit Of A Stretch

A 2004 study showed that 51% of Americans believed in Creationism. Over half of the people in this country thought humans just showed up one day and were ready for homeschooling.

Environmentalists Intentionally Caused The Oil Spill

So you know that oil spill that ruined the ocean, killed thousands of animals, and pretty much brought the country to a standstill? Environmentalists fault. It's so obvious, I can't believe only 10% believe this. To save what you love, you must sacrifice it. Those sick bastards.

The Existence of Aliens

It's an old study, but not much has changed since 1999 in regard our nation's knowledge of Alien life forms. And that's unfortunate, as 80% of Americans believe the country's keeping something under wraps in Roswell. Actually puts the rest of the list in perspective, doesn't it?

Fox News Most Trusted Channel In News

Over half are convinced of this. Well, after that aliens stat, you can't be that shocked.

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