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The 2010 Emmy Awards Awards

Best Mel Gibson Joke

Ricky Gervais for this gold:
“Mel Gibson. I'm not gonna have a go at him. He's been through a lot…not as much as the Jews, to be fair.”

Best Gratuitous Shot Of Christina Hendricks' Breasts

Goes to the Red Carpet Cameraman, for using a Joan Barbie doll as an excuse to get a close-up of the star's giant giant breasts. And then zoom in for more. Repeatedly.

Best Accidental Offering Of Beer To A Recovering Alcoholic

This guy to Matthew Perry.
(Thanks to Best Week Ever for catching this gem)

Best Upstaging Of The Emmys

The surprisingly intense Oprah promos. Go ahead, lie and say you didn't tear up every time these popped on. Yeah, that's what I thought. These were totally better than the show itself. ‘

Best Death Montage Boner

Goes to Boner, of course, who really ran away with this one.
(Not trying to make fun of the fact that the actor Andrew Koenig died this year. But it's safe to say that we all let out a collective “Oh Boner” the moment we saw Koenig pop onscreen, completely negating the poignancy of the segment.)

Best 'This Fucking Guy' Speech

Clooney. That fucking guy.
“This fucking guy”
-Everyone upon seeing Clooney.

Best Proof That We No Longer Need A Made For TV Movie Category

The made for TV movie category. Temple Grandin? I'm sure it's good (assuming it's something that does in fact exist), but if it was really good, wouldn't it have been a made for movie theaters movie?

Best John Hodgman Talky Moment

All of them, but specifically:
‘??I ‘??m not sure that the Academy would be so quick to reward The Daily Show if they knew what we used these Emmys for around the office. Executive Producer Rory Albanese will accept for the program because Jon Stewart is too busy resting in his bed of melted Emmys. ‘? ‘
‘??[Winter Olympics director] Bucky Gunts majored in hotel management at Cornell, but changed to television after his thesis on ice-making machines was deemed wildly speculative, and probably dangerous. That name again is Bucky Gunts. ‘? ‘

Best Bucky Gunts

Bucky Gunts in a landslide.
Ricky Gervais put it best when saying “Let's face it. We're all Bucky Gunts here,” before handing out the award to Bucky Gunts.
Oh Gunts.

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