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8 More Reasons We’re STILL Watching Entourage

Kevin Connolly: Director

Did that episode seem extra special to anyone else? Of course it did because the one and only E ‘??I ‘??m scared of anal, ‘? ‘ Murphy directed it! Who better to guide Vince through that poignant driving up the canyon scene than his on screen manager and best friend? Kevin must have been getting sick bjs left and right because as we all know, more bjs = more screen time on the Entourage set.

Avion Is Real!

I suggest you sit down for this newsflash, better yet, lay down, just lay the fuck down or else you ‘??re going to hurt yourself when you get knocked on your ass: Avion Tequila is real!!!! We can drink this tequila; we can be JUST like Vince and Turtle!!! Avion Tequila, Avion Tequila!!!! Please RT.


Looks like my sweet little Jakey J-money prince was not on the Kevin Connolly bj train when it took off from boner station because his screen time was at an all time low. But you know what? He acted the shit out of that minute, I didn ‘??t doubt for one second that he was sitting alone in that office, anxiously debating whether to inform Ari about the Amanda Daniels ‘?? calls, and that my friends is what separates a mediocre actor from a genius. ‘

Vince Does Coke?

Seriously though, who saw this coming? There certainly weren ‘??t any significant clues leading up to Lloyd ‘??s discovery of the stash at the most random pool gathering of all time. Sure, last week Vince openly admitted that he had tried coke before but I think we all just assumed he was acting, because he ‘??s that good. ‘

Queen Latifah

Is she going to raise awareness for her charity and more importantly is she going to get box seats at the impending football games? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, Queen Latifah played Queen Latifah just wright. ‘

Scott ‘??s Do

Under his own direction, E told Scott to go fuck himself and although Scott ‘??s heart must have skipped a beat, that hair didn ‘??t stutter because that hair is unstoppable: Highlights perfectly layered throughout. The front, a waterslide of glossy fun, effortlessly cascading down to the forehead and then crescendoing into a neatly slicked golden like tail. E must miss pulling on that thing.

The Romance of Vasha

When Vince told Sasha that he loved her she flipped out, and then challenged him to be a man and mark his territory so Vince took her into the bathroom and peed on her. ‘

Billy ‘??s Role

Kevin Connolly was like, k Billy all you have to do this week is inexplicably appear in Vince ‘??s pool in the last minute of the episode, don pink swim trunks and then convincingly deliver the line, ‘??Sweet Jesus, ‘? ‘ upon seeing Lloyd appear with a sandwich bag of cocaine. Aaaaand scene. Great job. ‘

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