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8 Reasons We Watched the Entourage Finale


That entire episode was actually Christina Aguilera ‘??s new music video. ‘

These Athletes Can Really Act!

Athletes, acting and props! Everyone knows athletes act best when they have a prop to work with. Whether it was Ryan Howard doing some great scene work with his sunglasses, or Drew Brees gracefully handling a quacky co-star, I think we can all agree the winning formula is: athletes + props = actors.

Vince Squared

  • ENTOURAGE WRITERS: Everyone saw Inception right? Okay so, we should have Sasha ‘??s ex be named Vince too ‘? ‘inception. ‘
  • DOUG ELLIN: Okay, that ‘??s not how that works at all but whatever, write it. ‘


Jesus Vince, Eminem has taken real strides to turn his life around and not be that angry person he once was. Enter you, all willy nilly, fresh off two lines of coke and a tiny sip of whiskey, and what do you do? You bring him right back to that dark, dark place.

Scott and E

Such a tortured romance- it ‘??s like Murray ‘??s agency is the Titanic, it ‘??s going down and Scott is in a lifeboat, holding out his hand to E. E is hesitant but then his eyes gaze upon Scott ‘??s golden locks, and he takes his hand and yells, ‘??Fuck Murray! ‘? ‘ Then they make out in their minds. ‘


Vince was like, I ‘??ve never seen Intervention but I have seen Jerry Springer, so I ‘??m just gonna call all of you out one by one, pour the rest of this coke on the floor, hop in my brand new car and rolls (Royce) out. ‘

Riveting Dialogue

  • DRAMA: (upon seeing Jenny at her place of work): What are you doing here?
  • JENNY: I work here. ‘


Crucial Plot Lines

  • DOUG ELLIN: Guys, this episode isn ‘??t crazy enough. Let ‘??s throw in something about Ari ‘??s wife ‘??s bitter sister and hint that if Ari gave her enough money, she would blow him.
  • WRITERS: Oh yeah, just like Inception.
  • DOUG ELLIN: No. Shut up. ‘

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