By: Kat Von D

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Interactive Lower Back Tattoos

As part of our continuing “Artist in Profile” series, we talk to Kat Von D about her newest type of tattoos that are interactive as well as part of the sexual experience.

Starring Kat Von D
Written & Directed by Seth Morris
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Produced by Allison Hord
Edited by: Danny Jelinek
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup & Tattoo Design by: Kat Bardot
G&E: Kevin Stewart
DIT: Brian Lane
Production Assistants: Kendall Anlian, Jon Ziskal
Featured Extras: Monika Smith, Will McLaughlin, Tricia McAlpin, Katie Boyle, Jean Villepique, Lilan Bowden
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Special Thanks: Karoline Drachenberg, High Voltage Tattoo staff

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