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Starring Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm
*vague spoilers*

I thought it was the Betty White movie so I was very surprised when I saw it was the Ben Affleck movie. I was expecting a comedy, but instead I was on the edge of my seat! It is action packed. Through most of the movie I had to keep my hands over my mouth because I'm pretty vocal. Karen said I was making a commentary throughout, but I don't believe it.
Ben was fabulous. I think he helped write the screenplay and he directed it. The only thing that was different with this movie is instead of rooting for the good guys, I wanted Ben to get away. I hate to ruin it, but it turns out pretty good for him.
Being married to a cop I noticed some things. I was like, “Please don't walk around with a 6 o'clock shadow. Don't do that.” They were pretending to be cops and they weren't clean shaven! Cops don't look like that. That was a dead giveaway. Jon Hamm is gorgeous. They must have ran out of razors while they were making this because they all had beards.
It's called The Town because they live in Charlestown. Something like 80% of bank robbers come from there. You either grow up and get out or you're gonna end up in jail. Ben is a bank robber. It starts out with a bank robbery and they think the police are gonna be outside so they take a hostage – a female bank manager. He wants to find out if she's been talking to the FBI after the robbery and he winds up falling in love with her.
Later someone comes up with a grand scheme to rob the money from Fenway Park which would be $3 million in concession stand money. That's a lot of hot dogs. There are some robberies in between with some really good car chases. A lot of that F word is said. Jon and Ben have a lot of conversations about how Jon wants to be the last person to say “Go F yourself” to Ben. There's a twist at the end with that. It's good.
The story is that you either leave the town and be a good person or you stay in the town and go to jail.
4 1/2 stars!
Actually, I didn't understand a lot of what they were saying because they had the thickest Boston accents I've ever heard. It sounded like a foreign language, but I know it was English. I'll take a quarter star away for that. It wasn't just me, other people were like, “What are they saying?”
4 1/4 stars!

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