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Chevy Chase Fires Off One-Liners For Esquire Interview


Do people still like Chevy Chase? I can never tell. On the one hand, he did Caddyshack. On the other hand, all the bad things people have said about him. Whatever, he's funny. He's always been funny, and considering his latest stint on Community and my recent rewatching of Cops and Robbersons, he'll always be funny.
Chase was interviewed for

magazine, and the Memoirs of an Invisible Man star fired off one liner after one liner. They're all good and the whole article is worth checking out, but here are some gems:
“I don't think eggs are so filled with cholesterol as people think. The problem comes in with how they're made, the sauces and that kind of stuff. I could be wrong.”
“It will eventually be discovered that the more you sleep, the healthier you are. Which means you'll really be at your healthiest when you pass away.”
On Belushi's death:
“What you realize is, there aren't that many funny people in the world. You lose a guy like Belushi… ah, it's hideous.”
“I always fly first class. To remind myself.”

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