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The Kenny Powers Halloween Costume


Halloween’s right around the corner. And obviously, you’re going to go as Kenny Powers, right? (And the ladies we assume will adapt this costume to go as the obligatory “slutty” Kenny Powers.)

First things first, download the mask. That’s important. You’ve got to look like Kenny to be Kenny.


And as you’ll see from the picture above, you’ll need some accessories:

A. Mask. Download it.

B. Steroids. Kenny’s muscles aren’t natural. And neither should yours. Syringes can easily be bought at your local CVS or some other pharmacy that happens sells steroid paraphernalia (all of them).

C. Bitches. If you’re going to a Halloween party, you’re gonna need a loose woman that you can treat poorly in front of the girl you actually have feelings for. If such a slut is not available, find any girl who’s almost attractive to wear tight clothes and attend parties with you. Call her a bitch repeatedly in front of others.

D. Cocaine. Unless you’ve got a coke dealer on speed dial, you’ll have to improvise: baking soda in a plastic baggy. Done and done. Oh, and if you DO have a coke dealer on speed dial, give him a ring. Authenticity takes priority over you know, not getting arrested.

E. Dress in All Black. As Kenny would say, “you have clothes like a fucking dickhead.” The sooner you accept this the better. It’s understandable, you’re not actually Kenny Powers. The man had a stylist. At the very least, dress in all black. Then you’ll at least look less like a dickhead. Though make no mistake: still a dickhead.

F. Belt Buckle. Kenny commands attention the moment he enters the room. And with a fat, shiny belt buckle, all eyes will be pointing in the right direction.

G. Optional Sombrero*. With Season Two taking place in Mexico, this may be exactly what you need to keep your Kenny Powers costume up to date. At the very least, you’ll just have an extra sombrero. Nothing wrong with that.

*This costume was originally posted prior to the new season. So far, it looks as if Kenny’s been sombrero-less. But still, everybody loves sombreros.

Okay, you’ve got the mask. You’ve got the accessories. And hopefully, the bitches. So what next? Take a picture of yourself as Kenny and send it our way! We’ll compile all the submissions and post them on Funny or Die. That’s right. You could be on Funny or Die.*


*Though technically, nobody will see your face since you’ll have a mask on.

Thanks Zack J!

Thanks John P for the epic key bump!

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