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The Best Pictures on the Internet This Week

The Most Amazing Pictures on the Internet” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

(this week)

This is a new series in which I will take some of the most amazing pictures on the internet and after that amazing introduction I think I might need a nap, but we must forge on.
David Bowie is great, he made quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever, “Changes” obviously. He even presided over a very famous walk-off once.

But that's nothing compared to what I saw this week when David Bowie decided to hang out with some fucking wolves and the world almost exploded.

FASHIONS! You don't understand it.
In Zombie TV news, Frank Darabont's “The Walking Dead” released a TV poster which was pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure that this better welcome to the ATL.


Of course the internet quickly responded with their own take on it by adding our hero,


Strutting Leo - Walking Dead

Well played internet, well played. (

US Weekly brought back their popular “Who Wore it Better” style section for Lady Gaga.

who wore it better

The VMA audience acted accordingly.

(Ke$ha decided to not wear shoes to the event because she’s a classy lady, of course)

Mad Men killed off Ms. Blankenship, the sexiest sex-retary (AM I RIGHT?!!!) in the office. This was the last photo of her taken alive.

She died as she lived… in an astronaut suit silly!

Justin Bieber said this and Kurt Cobain came back from dead to set him straight.

Kurt Cobains Ghost

This Week in Internet Animals
I'll also be taking a look at the animals that made this week on the internet bearable.
First off, I'd like to thank this owl for dressing like Michael Cera.

Can't wait for Legend of the Guardians 2 with Michael Cera.
Secondly, let's look at this picture and try to figure out what we're looking at…..

Get it? Got it? GROSS.
Third, 50 Cent is now a comedian. No promo, pause. See, in this joke, he abused his dog and they had a fight, now the dog has casts….. ‘ the Aristocrats!


Not to be forgotten, this little Puffin has a message for all his haters.


Crime News
There was a stabbing in Toledo recently, the suspect is being held in custody but there's no word on why he stabbed the cheeseburger.

cheeseburger stabbing

In a recent development, Lindsay Lohan is back in jail until October 22nd. Antoine Dodson has decided to weigh in on the matter.

You Are So Dumb, For Real

Helpful Tip of the Week
I would suggest keeping your kids away from the new Ghostbusters ghost fighting vehicle.

Ghostbusters van

With “Who You Gonna Call” clearly printed on the side, it's obvious the only answer is the police.
That's it. This concludes your first look at the best pictures on the internet this week. I'll be back next week with more pictures but please, try to not be so sad.


sad don toy story 3


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