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9 Things Wearing Hamburgers That Shouldn’t Be Wearing Hamburgers

1. Dogs With Sun in Their Eyes ‘

2. Asian Babies

3. Adults With Poor Fashion Sense

From the product's actual description: “A fun conversation starter at costume parties and picnics.” ‘
It's also a great conversation ender. ‘
Normal Person: Hey, is that a hamburger hat.
You: Yes. ‘
Normal Person: Oh my phone's ringing. TTYL.
4. Muscular Dogs ‘

5. Children Who Don't Know Any Better ‘

6. Asian Adults (When you start them young, it leads to a rough road ahead)


7. 20-Somethings Who Finally Have Disposable Income but Don't Know What to Spend it On

8. These Girls. ‘

(Unrelated, SNL stole their “Tiny Hamburgers” sketch from these two.)
9. Ferrets

And as a bonus, here's a sweet old lady eating a giant hamburger. She'll be wearing this later. ‘


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