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The Mis-Informant: Part 1 with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

Nathan Spewman is an undercover liar for hire who spreads misinformation on behalf of greedy billionaires. But Nathan meets his match in Miss Clulot's classroom. Starring Jack Black and America Ferrera, and introducing Caitlin Carmichael.

Call the Spewman Hotline: 206-438-3964 Jack Black & America Ferrera bring you The (Mis)Informant. –
A project by Health Care for America Now
Starring: Jack Black, America Ferrera and Caitlin Carmichael
Project Founder: Gloria Bremer
Directed by Jeremy Konner
Executive Producers: Gloria Bremer and Health Care for America Now
Produced by Andrew Epstein & Barrett J. Klausman
Co-Executive Producer: Diane Keefe
Co-Producers ‘ Sarah May Bates, JD Ryznar, Drew Hancock
Edited by Tim Nackashi and Jeremy Konner
Casting by Leslie Woo
Special Thanks to Michael Bacall, Ben Cooley, James Atkinson, Peter Karinen, Brian Sacca and Simon Helberg
Project Assoc. Producer – Megan McWilliams
Jack Black – Nathan Spewman
America Ferrera – Childrens Teacher
Caitlin Carmichael – Bethany
Connor Gibbs – Mark/Marty
Kristen Sartisian – Drawing Girl
Ann Caimi – Playground Teacher
Keith Jackson – Fireman
Barrett J. Klausman – Fireman
Kyle Templin – Billionaire
Coco Grayson -Kid
Asher Nee- Kid
1st AD- Ryan Lacen
Director of Photography- Eric Haase
VFX Supervisor- Marcus Herring
Production Supervisor- Hodge Grigsby
Production Designer- Jenna Craig
Spewman Logo design: Opto Design
End Tag Design: Maureen McGowan
Costume Designer -Chelisa Patterson
Camera Operators- Jaswinder Bedi, Jacki Moonves, Juan Martinez
Video DIT- Tony Kwan
2nd AD- Keith Jackson
Makeup & Hair- Sarah Jane Aumentado
Sound Mixer- Dean “Wizard ‘ Andre
Sound Design- Nicholas Freil
Key Grip- Jack Chouchanian
Best Boy- Mike Roe
Grips- Mario Contini, Chris Quazada
Chief Lighting Tech- Tony Bryan
Best Boy Electric- Dave Muskeni
Lamp Operators- Paul Berry, Chris Walthall
Location Manager – Mike Betz
Teacher Jessica Maurer
Craft Services- Lee Schiller
Set PA- Jacob Gilbert
Production Assistants ‘ Amanda Thielhart, Zach Smith, Kyle Templin, Chris Steidle
Special Thanks: Gretchen McGowan and the generous contributors who made this possible.

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