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Christine O’Donnell was Right! She’s Me!

So Christine O’Donnell totally nailed it in Wednesday night’s debate, everyone. Really stellar performance.

Sure, to the layman it seems like she made a fool of herself. But this is all part of her ongoing “I’m You” campaign. And in that regard, O’Donnell brought down the house.

You see, if I was on a nationally televised debate, I too would look frazzled. I might even come off like I had no business being on a nationally televised debate. We’re so similar!

You know what else we have in common? I, for the love of God, cannot name a recent Supreme Court decision that I disagreed with. If someone asked me to name one, I probably would have stalled and been all like “I don’t know. I’ll put one on my website after I’ve taken the time to wikipedia ‘supreme court’ and ‘website.'” Good call, witch.

If Wolf Blitzer asked me if I believed in evolution, you know what I would’ve said? “Oh Wolf, I don’t have a chance in hell of becoming an elected official with an influence in how our nation runs itself…so what I believe is irrelevant.” That’s so what you said! Well played, O’Donnell!

I’m you! You’re me! We’re all fucked.

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