By: Joe Mantegna

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Hannah Mantegna with Joe Mantegna

With Hannah Montana ending on Disney soon, critically acclaimed actor Joe Mantegna will be assuming the role Miley Cyrus once played once she leaves the show.

Starring Joe Mantegna
Featuring: Mitchel Musso, Andie Bolt, Amy Vorpahl, Erin Gibson, Blake Walker
Director – Jim Harmon
Writer/Producer – Matt Manser
Director of Photography – Marlon Duarte
Voiceover: Ben Siemon
Gaffer – Katheryn Rupert
Best Boy – Christian Duarte
Costume Designer – Malia Miyashiro
Wardrobe Assistant – Clara Alcott
Production Assistant – Ivan Duarte
Graphic Design – Phillip Wilburn
Craft Services – Gabrielle Thomas
Special Thanks: Extreme
Tambourine, Eugene Cordero, and Emo Philips

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