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Snoop Dogg vs. Robocop Kid: The Two Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween ’10 is in the books! Yayyy never having to post Halloween pieces until Halloween ’11!!!! Yayyyy Thanksgiving posts!!!!

So how’d it turn out? Who were the big winners? Who were the big losers? (Children and children too old to be trick-or-treating yet still feel entitled to free candy despite being of the age where they can walk into any CVS and purchase a Twix bar, respectively.)

And while we’re sure there were plenty of great costumes out there this year, we’re pretty positive these were the two best: Snoop Dogg as The Count. And an anonymous child as Robocop.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide who claims the top spot, but if you’re making a “Top 2” list, these are pretty much a lock to make the cut.



Robocop Kid:

Fuck it, Robocop kid wins. Here are a few more. Please enjoy the hell out of these.

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