By: Dan Abramson

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Of Course Brett Favre’s Starting Lineup Figure Has No Pants On

This doll is from 1997. I found it a flea market and the ridiculous man selling it was all “You can have it for 15 bucks, but it’s probably going for $80 on eBay.” And I was like “Oh good call.” Then I took a picture of it and put it back in the bin I found it in.

Anyway, it’s a Starting Lineup figure of Brett Favre. He’s not wearing any pants because of course he’s not. Let me remind you that this is from 1997. Over a decade before he starting taking pictures of his genitals and sending it to Maxim girls. The children making these dolls in Korea were on to something. And they didn’t even have cell phones then! Sexting wasn’t a thing. You know what always was a thing? Sleazy old men. They’ll be a thing forever.

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