By: Max and Al

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Duramax and Allison: The History of the Lodge


Oh, the lodge. The home to relaxation. Home to manhood. But more specifically? Home to

. It's pretty much everything you'd expect from a team of their stature to surround themselves with. And as you'll see below, each


The Bearskin Rug

What? You think this came from some Saturday afternoon flea market? This is no ordinary bearskin rug. Oh, did you say something about lasers? Yes.


zebra.jpgZebra Skin Rug

Don’t worry. The guys didn’t kill a zebra. They’re gorgeous majestic animals. Max moonlights as a referee. And this uniform lets ’em know who’s in charge. And no, he never misses call.


Some babies arrive by stork. Ours come by hawk.

junglecat.jpgBobcat Rug

“Faux” is French for “fake.” Good tip for you when you watch those late-night commercials.


Some folks keep dogs around as companions. Max and Al prefer the company of their trusty bull. Go ahead, ask him to play fetch.

bearbust.jpgBear Bust

Won this at a carnival ‘run by bears.


Al built this clock with precision gears and a fully boxed high strength steel frame. It doubles as his wrist-watch.

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