By: Ben Weinstein

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Ghostbusters Return

The Ghostbusters are back! And they're sort of assholes.

Director: Ben Weinstein
Writer: Dan Gregor
Director of Photography: Paul Marschall
Visual Effects Supervisor: Mike Dunkley
Produced by: Doug Mand, Dan Gregor and Ben Weinstein
Doug Mand
Dan Gregor
Adam Pally
Eliza Skinner
Thomas Middleditch
Baron Vaughn
Skye Ahrens
Ghostbusters Replica Props:
Vincent Montenegro
Vincent Nordone
Douglas Hawley
Andrew Rayonez
Philip Mangano
Ross Arbuckle
Eric Bader
Chris Ernst
Sound Recordist:
Kevin Faber
Editor: Ben Weinstein
Production Assistants:
Paul Karp
Rachel Bloom
Sound Mixer: Drew Capputo
Concept by: Dan Gregor and Lucas Held
“Ghostbusters ‘ (Instrumental) by Ray Parker Jr.
Special Thanks:
Jennifer Thurston
Alex Weinstein
Dave Lebensfeld
Ed Mundy
Ivonne Nordone
Jen Soqui
Gillian Waterman
and The Southern California Ghostbusters Association

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