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Initial thoughts are that it took everything to the extreme – the nth degree. Things couldn't get much worse. Then they couldn't get much better. Then they did. Lots of unexpected things happened. I screamed out loud twice. Once when a door is taken off a car – I didn't expect that. Then the gunshot! I surprised myself. It was full of belly laughs and action. There were accidents, cars and trucks flipping over, fights with a crazy guy in a wheel chair, broken bones…It was amazing.
Robert Downey Jr was great – he should stick to comedy. He's not the one in the Matrix though, right? Zach Gebbleletsufet was fabulous. The star of the whole thing was Sonny – the dog. He did great acting. He looked stoned when he was supposed to. It was the first time I saw a dog able to masturbate. That's great acting as far as I'm concerned.
It must have been hard for Robert Downey, Jr. to play someone who didn't know what pot was. In one scene, Zach smokes pot in the car because he wanted it to be like a “cook in”. (editor: she means, “clam bake”) The dog gets stoned and then, of all people Robert Downey, Jr. wakes up and says, “Is that pot? Am I high?” Wow! There's a guy totally addicted to everything so that's a tough acting job. Then they're high at the Mexican border. There are some funny glaucoma jokes. You had to be there. And you can be, if you go to the movies.
Couple of airline related things I noticed (I'm a flight attendant)
– People really do fall into your seat when stowing their luggage. That was really gross when Zach's hairy belly hit Robert in the face.
– The Federal Air Marshals don't have guns with rubber bullets, they have real ones, so that was kind of weird, but it was funny.
– Going through security was not right. If Robert Downey, Jr had pot, he would have been arrested.
– There's no reason to put Robert Downey, Jr. on the no fly list because he wasn't planning to do damage to the plane. But I guess they needed to for the movie.
Zach's father had passed away so he has his ashes in a New Orleans style coffee can. There's a whole big to do about the coffee can. Later they have coffee at Jamie Foxx's house and they ended up drinking the dad's ashes. Robert says, “This tastes like cat litter”. I wanted to say, “Why? Did you ever taste cat litter?”
They go to Shreveport Louisiana and no one had an accent. Not even the kids. That's as south as you can get. They never even said “ya'll”. Not one time.
I liked all the 2 1/2 men references because I watch that show every night.
Moral of the story is buy an urn if you want to get cremated. Don't count on your children to get one.
Vote for Sonny for an Academy award. Best pet actor of the year.
3 1/2 out of 4 stars. Loved it.

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