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If You Forgot Louis CK’s the Best, Here’s Louis CK Being the Best

Louis CK was on Leno on Friday night, cementing the fact that he’s the funniest.

Now, before anyone begins their “I’m not watching Leno” tirades, let’s just calm down. This isn’t about Leno. This is about Louis CK, who we established above as being the funniest. Deal with it.

So here’s the first part.

Yes! Killing it. I LOVE he doesn’t tone down his act for the 5.5 million (sure, okay Jay) 80 year-olds watching at home. It’s awesome how Louis CK’s like “Fuck it, I’m Louis CK.” Alright. On to the next clip.

It’s rare that one might say “Wow, he really nailed those slave jokes” ‘ but he totally did!

Complete side-note — How was awesome was it when they cut to the band? Kind of makes me wish they cut to someone watching at home.

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