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Ricky Gervais was on the ‘Daily Show.’ You Should Watch.

You know what’s awesome? When actors come on late night talk shows to promote their projects that you’re already well aware of. And then they show a clip that you’ve already seen in the trailer, all while acting like they didn’t even know a clip would even be shown! Oh actors!

So obviously, it was disappointing that Ricky Gervais came on The Daily Show Tuesday night to promote his latest standup special that premieres this weekend on HBO, and then BARELY MENTIONED IT.

Listen Gervais – and the same goes for you, Stewart – next time you want to sit around trading Stephen Hawking jokes and making us laugh, do it on your own watch. Hell, I only tune into the interview segments of talk shows. The least you could do is have a forced, clearly rehearsed segment that does NOT include comedy or general glee. Is that so much to ask?

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