By: Rip Taylor

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The 1982 Tron Holiday Special

A recently unearthed Christmas classic from 1982, starring most of your favorite Tron characters and laser bikes.

Writer / Director / Editor / VFX: Scott Gairdner
Director of Photography: James Codeglia
Costumes: Beckee Gardner, Janelle Marsh
Producer: Sean Boyle
Sound: Botown Sound
2nd DP: Brian Lane
Additional VFX: Danny Jelinek
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
David Love as Ram
Ryan Perez as Gabe Kaplan
Clint Gage as Burt Reynolds
Nick Mundy as Dom DeLuise
Perry Smith as Santa Claus
Erin Pade as Yori
Brad Schulz as Tank Gunner
Scott Gairdner, Michael Rousselet, David Love, and Erin Pade as Jefferson Starship
Rip Taylor as himself

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